A Monster in Disguise


Urging to escape from my sorrows
If I let go what will I have?
The monsters are my best friends
the darkness is my shelter
and fear my only thrill

Ecstasy only lasts so long
and once I have seen through the endless cycle of highs and lows
the game looses its hook in me

What is left is a stagnant lake
a grey shade of something that is no longer here

It is my safety my hell
My mind is allowed to roam freely here
To dream, to long for, to pretend and disguise anything that is real
Here I can be a victim a dancer and a lover without having to lift a finger…
The only problem is that I am dreaming and in these days I am missing life
I am wasting away and falling further and further away from my truth, my center
and from anything that can bring light into my darkness

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