A little girl finding her light


Once upon a time in a land not so far away a girl was born out of a monster. This monster was disguised as a woman, and a beloved one at that. With her cunning ways she ensnared everyone around her into her grip and slowly, slowly sucked them dry, whilst looking them in the eyes with a caring smile.

It was not enough, the woman–monster was starving and she wanted more. Therefore she brought a little girl into this world. A helpless one. Someone she new would give up her life for hers, a girl that would ensure the riches of the man she longed to marry… and so it went.

A girl was born, a little light arrived in the arms of the woman and filled up the hole inside. The woman needed this light at all times as she did not wish to feel the emptiness inside of her.

The girl was blinded by love and ignorance. As she grew she took her place in the world, a small one next to her mother. The woman was afraid, afraid that the girl one day would see the truth, see that what she knew to be love actually was not. The woman couldn’t afford this to happen, so she locked the girl away. She made sure she would never be able to see what real love was.

One day the girl met a strange man. This man looked at her and she felt a warmth she had never felt before. “Curious this feeling…” thought the girl. She stared at him with big open eyes and she sucked in every ounce of love she could. You see the woman had nourished herself from the girl for so long that the girl herself now had a hole inside, just like her mother. Day by day the man grew closer to the girl. And one day he too hid her away in secret. What he wanted to do with her was something no one was to know about. Once again the girl was hidden away.

Something you ought to know about this man is that he was a powerful one. Many saw what he was doing with the girl, but who were they to interfere? “No, no much better to look away” they told themselves.

As the little girl grew older things started to change, she was getting sick. She no longer had enough light inside her to feed the others around her. She did not even have enough light inside to feed herself. She did the only thing she knew how, she ran away. She ran as far away from the kingdom as she could.

One day she met a fairy. A sort of creature she had never seen before. The fairy had big innocent eyes, they were full of light but they frightened the girl a bit. She felt like these eyes could see everything inside of her and they were full of something she did not know so much about yet, they were full of truth.

The fairy became a guiding light for the little girl, who was not so little anymore. Slowly, slowly the girl started to heal. It was a painful process to learn more about this thing called truth. It worked like medicine and slowly the light inside her grew stronger again. She met other girls and boys who were taking this medicine too.

Something was missing. She was still hiding. She had escaped but she had been forced to leave parts of her behind. Little bits and pieces of her that she had to let go of on the way just to survive. The things that had been too heavy to carry with her.

As she grew stronger the gaping holes became more visible. She learned that until she found these pieces of herself and reclaimed them she wouldn’t be able to fully grow up and become a woman. She wanted to find these missing pieces and bring them back so that she could become whole again.

She knew what she needed to do and the girl wasn’t alone anymore. You see the little girl didn’t only have help from the fairy with the big truthful eyes, she also had help from someone very special… a wizard.

With her new found courage and light the girl started the long journey back towards the kingdom she once had called home. She would have to face many challenges and obstacles on the way, but it was okay. She was stronger now, and she knew she could do it because she wasn’t alone anymore.

The end.