Opening my eyes


A glimpse of the unknown

The fragrance of change is all around

Taking a deep breath and letting go of holding

In vulnerability I welcome it in

There is a new aliveness

A stagnant lake flowing into a river





A shy smile on my face and a warmth spreads through out my body

I am coming home

Step by step

Shedding more layers

Allowing something of the unknown to move me

I am showing up for myself

I am stepping out of isolation of safety of hiding

I am taking courage to look in the mirror

What is it I have been hiding from by keeping myself safe and secure?

What is out there for me to see?

I am welcoming you in



An initiation is happening
For you to step into your light
For you to experience the pleasures of being alive

A channel is opening
We welcome you to join us

We are here to guide you
To love you
To hold you

Dualities are coming together
They exist only as one

To disapear is to be present
To experience yourself is to experience the world

In tune with the universe
In tune with you