A natural child


She is a blonde girl full of energy. She is full of excitement and curiosity. She likes to investigate things and to understand how things work. She has a caring and nurturing nature. She likes to be outside and in nature.

She likes the colors pink, purple, blue and green. She is very strong. She has a lot of energy that she likes to express through movement. She radiates love, light and innocence. She has the ability to light up a room.

She is content with just being by her self. She loves to just be silent and watch things. She is fascinated with the world and appreciates beauty.

She is very sensitive. She is connected with oneness and unconditional love. She is meditative. She is full of compassion. She likes to dance and has the ability to completely let go and be total. She is very attentive, receptive and open to her surroundings. She is sensual and playful.

She is determined, clear, strong and has the ability to forgive and persevere.

She is creative and she likes to express herself with colors. She is grounded and connected to nature. She likes trees. She has the ability to give and receive. She enjoys herself and she is present in life. She is intelligent and has the ability to understand the world around her.

She is full of love and she likes to share it. She has a sense of humor and she likes to laugh.

To help yourself


A wave of anguish and fear

A storm of emotions

A flashback

I am here present, yet not really

I am reliving something through my body and I can not make it stop

I try my best to come back, to feel safe again, calm, at home in my bed

But the nightmare continues

I want to wake up

Please Anna wake up

I am safe here

You are not alone

I hear someone talking to me. But I can not listen. It is too late


I know someone is there

I know that she is keeping me safe

Yet it feels like I am about to die

I know this is not happening now

I can breathe through this

Let the emotions have their space and then move through

I can let them burn out

I am safe

I am here

I am okay

I am seen

I am loved

Everything is okay

One breath at a time

Slowly slowly coming back

Back to my body

Back to the present moment

Breathing into pain


The pain of transformation is ripping my body apart

Everything I thought was me is falling away

I can rest in the center of the storm

Knowing an opening is happening

Neither falling apart nor fighting it

Simply staying present and feeling it

Feeling everything I could not feel as a child

Holding my little girl in my arms and feeling it with her

It all becomes clear

I can see the record that has been playing before my eyes

Falling in the unknown

Everything is spinning

I am still present still here still feeling it

What if I can actually be free?

What would happen?

What would I do?

I can give my little girl everything she ever wanted

I am not alone because I have me

I will never leave my side

It is okay my love

You are going to be okay

You will se

Flowering in love


Being my own best friend

Caring and nurturing

Gently moving through the world

Staying alert to my inner world and respecting my boundaries and wishes

No more compromising myself to receive love

I am loved the way I am

I am loved for who I am

Paying attention and nurturing myself as this seed bravely journeys into a flowering

(Photo by: I don’t know but it’s beautiful … 🙈🌸)

In harmony with life


A smile arising from within
Pregnant with something new
I have grown out of my old ways

I am expanding
I want to experience the world that is available to me
There is no longer need for isolation

Curious about the world curious about life
The fear of the unknown has lost its grip
Playful excitement has taken its place

What is out there for me to see?

There is a creative energy moving within
I can no longer stop it from bursting out in manifestation

It is moving me
We are becoming one
I am here no more

Creation bursting out through me
Wanting to play
A song a dance

In harmony with life
Moving with ease

Open to receiving
Open to see
An exploration of life

Heart wide open a smile on my face
Silently waiting for a little more space

A love letter from life


Hello my love welcome home
I want to tell you that that you are beautiful

You are a child of the earth
Nourished by its soil
Embraced by the wind
Kissed by the sun

I want to tell you that I love you

I am your mother and I am here to hold you
I am here to sway you in my arms

Witness as you take your first steps out in the world
To watch over you as you begin to shine

Hello my love
I want to tell you that I am proud of you

I want you to know that I am watching over you
I am here I am with you every step of the way
All the pain you feel is welcome here
There is no part of you that you need to hide
I will share your joy
Wipe your tears

My love there is an adventure on earth waiting for you

I am always here
I welcome you to take the leap

My sweet love you do not need to suffer anymore
You are free to play

I am a child of the earth
I welcome its gifts with open arms
I am loved by the trees and the wind and the sun

The earth is my playground
The world is full of friends

I manifest the life I want
I attract beautiful souls who want to share the gifts of existence with me
Who want to play with the wind and dance in the moonlight

Together we stand strong
Making no excuses for our existence
Taking our place in the universe
Stepping up and and sharing our light

One step at a time healing the world starting from within
Kissing away the pain of the illusion
Sharing our truth and bringing light into darkness

We are the universe
We are divinity
We are light

We are here in these beautiful bodies to play and dance and sing
To swim and jump, travel and cry
We are here to experience it all and in doing so we are sharing the gifts of existence with the world

Saying yes to life and all it brings
No longer choosing to reject and disown the difficult parts
No longer standing in line bowing down for the rules of society

We are children of the earth
Gaia is our mother and we have the right to be free

Photos by beautiful Antonia Rotschild