Cutting through illusion


Taking an uncertain step out from my house

This house has been my savior

This is where my life has happened

Outside this house is the real world

A world where I can get hurt

A world where I can experience love, passion, joy

Out in the real world I feel as if I have no skin

I have seen through my own illusion

As I step outside and close the door it crumbles behind me

It was never real

Here I am

With a clearer lens

I am standing on my own two feet

I am taking responsibility for my own life

Coming home


A child in a new world

Full of wonder and curiosity

A deep breath, exhale and I feel my heart

A little shaky as I take my first steps out in this beautiful world

I have stepped into my vulnerability yet I feel so strong

I can hold them both

I can dance between them and rest in the arms of my own love

I am transforming, shedding layers, becoming naked and real

A sense of fear yet I feel so peaceful

I know I am on the right path

I am on my way home