You are not alone


A loud scream in the silent night

The wolves are howling and I am ready to fight

The only person I am fighting is myself

I don’t want to fight anymore

I can’t fight anymore

On the other side of defeat is an opening

On the other side is more truth, love, peace and clarity

This is the path, to give up again and again

You are not alone

Open your eyes and you will see

Open your heart and you will feel

You do not need to do this alone

All you need to do is ask for help

Letting go of myself


Shedding layer after layer

Entering into vulnerability

Again and again feeling like I am letting go of myself

My identity

Like nothing will be left

Yet here I am

More soft, more spacious, more sensitive

Without armor

With a capability to act

With a loving awareness I am sinking deeper and deeper within myself

Seeing the one who says “I” does not exist

Experimenting and experiencing

Existing only in the present moment



A blank space

Blown open

Trembling as there is no way back

No way to move forward

Just to be present and allow

Allow the process to work in me

Allow my body to rest

Allow my mind to grasp for information and lovingly seeing it is okay to not know

I am here

I am dissolving

Seeing I am just a space

Love is all there is and I cannot disconnect and hide anymore

I am open to seeing more

I am open to this journey

Walking hand in hand with fear


Trusting in the unknowable

Trusting in the untouchable

Trusting in myself

Allowing myself to flow with what feels good in the moment

My calculating mind is loosing its grip

Breathing through fears and worst case scenarios

I can see that it doesn’t kill me

I am still here still breathing

I am learning to trust in my own ability to respond

Merging with the whole and seeing the bigger picture

The more alive I become the more I am letting go of knowing, calculating and being in control of what happens next

Surrendering into the flow of life and allowing myself to be surprised

Taking fear in my hand and gently waking side by side

Understanding it is not trying to hurt me

But also that it is my freedom and choice to open my eyes and jump anyway

I am free falling

It is terrifying and thrilling

I wouldn’t have it any other way

In deep gratitude


What if you could be loved exactly like you are?

What if life was just waiting to give you more than you could ever imagine?

What if I told you I know it is true because it is happening to me….

To be allowed to be exactly like I am has set me free.

To realize that I am the only one who can give me permission to do so.

To see that I am held by the divine and its unconditional love, within and around me.

Having the freedom to do whatsoever I feel. To eat what I like, feel what I feel, express what I feel.

My body is becoming soft as my worries and complaints dissolve.

I am left with a deep sense of gratitude.

For myself. For the universe. For life.

A sense of completion as we are all one.

One creative energy, one living organism dancing together in perfect harmony.